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Agricultural commodities Transacta Ltd is considerable supplier of agricultural commodities for industrial processing, but also exporter and international trader. Bulgaria is very attractive for different agricultural projects because of its favorable climate. We participate in several such. The geographical location of Bulgaria enables very close contacts with Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. We successfully collaborate with these countries, but also with Argentina, Canada, China, Czech republic, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan etc.

The main agricultural commodities we are dealing with are:

- Fresh fruits for industrial use, origin: Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia
- Frozen fruits for industrial use, origin: Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia
- Fresh vegetables for industrial use, origin: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia
- Dry pulses for packing and industrial use: peas, beans, lentils, poppy seeds etc.; origin: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Argentina, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Kyrgyzstan
- Aseptic tomato paste for industrial use: Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, China
- Aseptic fruits purees for industrial use: Greece, Iran, China
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