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Background Transacta Ltd is a Bulgarian company with more than 30 years successful local and foreign trade business. We started in 1990 as a preserved vegetable and food trader. Presumption of our business success is the best Bulgarian experience in agriculture, fruits and vegetable processing and industrial equipment design.
Bulgaria is well known for its traditions in agriculture and canning industry. Generations of Bulgarian farmers grow natural and high quality production. Bulgarian specialists in food technology and in processing equipment design create a modern food industry. Now Bulgaria exports quality and safe food products all over the world, but also helps other countries to develop their own food industry by exporting food technologies, know-how and processing equipment. We are proud to be a part of our national success in this area.
Philosophy Nowadays the economic globalization and the fast IT development open the world market to every producer and trader. They create new opportunities and business dynamics. We in Transacta Ltd face every day new tasks to resolve, we apply every day our efforts and knowledge to improve ourselves and our work, following our philosophy - to be ready to meet to the global business challenges, but always to preserve our reliability, good will and loyalty to all of our partners.
Partners Started up as a business between Bulgaria and CIS countries, today Transacta Ltd enjoys a large network of partnerships, suppliers and customers all over the world : European Union, China, India, South America, Africa and Middle East. We are open to new, long term partnerships.
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